Helping Churches And Their Members Stay Connected

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Churches use the CANDLES Tracker Platform to stay in better touch with their congregation:

  • Church Attendance - Church Members use CANDLES Tracker to let their church know when they are in a service. CANDLES Tracker replaces the Attendance Book in pews.
  • Reporting - Church Administrators receive weekly attendance reports. They also receive notifications when members add/update contact information.
  • Back Office Integration - Church Administrators no longer need to transcribe data from Attendance Books to back-office systems.
  • Cloud Hosted Service - There is no software to install for your Church. Simply sign-up for the service with CANDLES Support, have members of your congregation download the mobile app, and start tracking weekly church attendance.
  • iOS and Android Support - Download our iOS application from the iTunes Store. Our Android application is now available in the Google Play Store!
Get it on Google Play

Customer Endorsements

"My church has been using the Candles app for over a year. It is so simple to use and people have been more inclined to register their attendance each time they come. It has a friendly notification each Sunday to register. Who knows, it might even be the encouragement they need to come to worship that particular Sunday!" -- Chris, Centenary UMC, Lexington, KY

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